A Cloud-based Approach to Data Analysis

In our latest e-book, we walk through two examples of how Pivvot can reduce your project schedules and improve communication to stakeholders.

We examine how our tools simplify the process of collecting and analyzing critical data by detailing the process with and without Pivvot. In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • How to speed up your data collection by days or even weeks
  • Where you can access relevant, quality environmental, land ownership, and other data
  • A better way to share project deliverables with stakeholders

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Scenario One

In this scenario, we’re working on a proposed pipeline and need to compute the elevation profile of the area to support the design, engineering and eventual construction of the pipeline. Understanding the elevation, along with other data sets at this stage of the project, allows the operator to understand the pump capacity needed to push product over hilly terrain, conduct drain down analysis of liquids and identify shut-off valve locations.

Pivvot GIS

Scenario Two

Imagine we’re developing a new electric transmission corridor across one hundred miles of terrain. Not only do we need elevation profile, but we also need land, environmental, socio-economic, critical habitat, wetlands and hundreds of other data sets for a much larger area. Additionally, with a project of this size, we have multiple departments involved from legal, PR, projects and environmental with conflicting objectives and priorities. The process to provide route options isn’t easy.

Cloud Analytics