Tired of awkward phone calls and time-consuming site reconfigurations?

Pivvot wants to help you avoid conversations like:

  • We can’t start until July because of the nesting season of the desert tortoise and we need a threatened and endangered species expert on site during exploration and development.
  • Our steel costs just increased by 30% because we didn’t account for enough embedment due to soft soils.
  • Our installation costs just increased by 30% because we have to pre-drill all of the pile locations due to shallow bedrock.
  • Our usable area just decreased by 30% because we didn’t realize the site has north facing slopes.
  • Our pile thickness needs to increase because we didn’t realize there are highly corrosive soils.
  • I didn’t realize half the site was in a floodplain – we’re going to have to increase pile lengths due to scour potential.

We've enhanced our team with the subject matter experts that know how to help you better understand site conditions, and their impacts, earlier than ever before. Rob Hernandez, a geotechnical engineer of 15+ years, will help take your team through how to use data to give the green light on your next site.



  • Rich Henry, Director, Customer Success, Pivvot 
  • Rob Hernandez, Senior Associate, National Accounts Liaison – Stage1
  • Jessica Turner, Client Development Manager, Pivvot 


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