It’s Time to Pivvot to Renewables

The renewable energy industry is booming. Property suitable for utility-scale renewables is getting claimed quickly. Everyone (and we mean everyone from developers, to EPC’s, to power and gas utilities) is in a race to find and secure the best parcels of land before the competition. In the past, finding and assessing the suitability of a renewable site would take days or even weeks. Data collection and GIS interpretation would add precious time to an already too-short project schedule.

That’s where we come in.

We know what’s important to renewable energy developers and utilities investing in renewable resources. We’ve streamlined accessing that information to inform siting, suitability and permitting and reduce investment risk. With a database curated specifically for energy projects and decades of experience, our location intelligence solution offers a unique opportunity for those building and acquiring renewable assets.

Pivvot’s Experience is Unique

The nation’s largest utilities and top EPC firms leverage Pivvot to build, maintain and sell energy infrastructure. As the go-to platform for location intelligence for linear assets, we’re now pivvot-ing to support clean energy projects such as wind farms, utility-scale solar, and distributed energy sites.

With deep knowledge of what’s important to the largest energy companies in the country, we’ve put together the top consideration’s developers need when evaluating a site for a new project.

Introducing the Smart Parcel Report

Our Smart Parcel Report is a detailed report of attributes within and surrounding a property parcel. To get it, simply enter your project location (APN, Address or Lat/Long) to generate a report that includes critical details for renewable project development.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 1.29.19 PM

Everything you need to know to assess the property is in the report including:

  • Map of the property parcel and nearby infrastructure
  • Existing transmission lines and substations
  • Environmental concerns such as wetlands, waterbodies and endangered species
  • Parcel characteristics (name, acreage)
  • Constructibility insights such as land cover, slope aspect and slope suitability
  • 100-Year floodplain data to inform permitting requirements

The report downloads in seconds, giving you instant access to the critical data you need to make development decisions. You can evaluate multiple sites in less time, expediting land acquisition.


What makes it Smart?

We’re not new to the energy sector. We’ve been working with geospatial data and solving energy industry problems for decades, and we know that simply accessing a report isn’t enough to move the needle.

So, before we launched our Smart Parcel Report, our data pros enhanced the underlying data to ensure speed of delivery, accuracy of the data, and we included attributes relevant and important to clean energy siting. The Smart Parcel report is only the first report of a family of applications, including siting, and reports that will leverage the enhanced data.

Ready to try it out?

You can use the Smart Parcel Report as a part of our Pivvot subscription. Or, you can buy it as a stand-alone report. Contact us and request a sample download to learn more.