Release Update: December 2, 2020

The latest release of Pivvot is available. Please don't hesitate to reach out to request training, make enhancement requests, or to better understand our platform. You can always reach us at


Software Enhancements

RealX Integration

  • Pivvot has integrated with RealX, America’s first and largest online property rights exchange. 
  • Look for the new Property Rights layer to determine which parcels are available for lease.
  • Property Rights data will be included in reporting.

Pivvot-RealX Integration

Aware Update: Federal Permitting Report

  • Along with crossing reports and data download, you can now generate a Federal permit punch list when executing an Aware project.

Permit Report Punch List

Additional Aware Updates

  • You will be able to create an Aware location from existing features.  This can include features from custom user data or select Pivvot layers:
      • Parcel
      • Transportation
      • Structure and Infrastructure
      • Powerline
      • Existing Pipeline
      • Communication Tower
      • Electric Substation
  • Added in the Edit Project capabilities, you will now be able to modify the shape of Aware lines and polygons.
  • Impacts between features that occur in the project polygon versus the buffered area will be better delineated in Reporting.

Route Updates

  • You will be able to configure Co-Location reporting without having to enable Co-Location routing.
  • Only parcels in the corridor will be included in data downloads.

Data Additions & Updates

Structure Counts 

  • Structure counts have been added to Aware and Route reporting. We are are excited to add this feature, particularly for our Electric Transmission customers.