As a specialist in the energy sector, you know that in project planning and development, every minute counts. Whether you're scouting potential sites for a new venture or evaluating existing locations for expansion, making informed decisions quickly is paramount to success. That's where Pivvot Aware comes in. 

Imagine a tool that not only reduces risk but also saves you valuable time by streamlining the site selection and evaluation process. Enter Pivvot Aware, the cloud-based project area analysis tool that's revolutionizing the way developers approach their projects. 

With Pivvot Aware, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of data that includes up-to-date nationwide parcel information, environmental impacts, wetland delineations, and geotechnical insights—all at your fingertips. No more scouring through disparate sources or grappling with outdated data. Pivvot Aware centralizes everything you need for effective decision-making in one convenient platform. 

Take a deeper dive below into the capabilities of Pivvot Aware and explore how it can transform the way you analyze project areas, mitigate risks, and propel your ventures towards success. Let's dive in! 


Intuitive Mapping Made Simple 

Gone are the days of struggling with complicated mapping interfaces. With Pivvot Aware, data visualization is at your fingertips. Whether you need to drop or upload a point, line, or polygon, our platform makes it a breeze. Say goodbye to frustrating user experiences and hello to seamless data manipulation. 

Visualize Your Project Like Never Before 

Visualizing your project's landscape is essential for understanding potential challenges and opportunities. With Pivvot Aware, you can utilize slope, hydric soils, and other critical data layers to gain a deeper understanding of potential issues. Identify adjacent and nearby parcels owned by the same landowner to pinpoint access roads and alternative locations effortlessly. 

Streamlined Reporting for Informed Decision-Making 

Making informed decisions requires access to comprehensive data and insightful analysis. With Pivvot Aware's reporting capabilities, you can download detailed data packages and import them into your own business systems for a seamless workflow. Evaluate your plans against usable areas with confidence, knowing that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information. 


In the competitive energy marketplace efficient project planning is more critical than ever. With Pivvot Aware, you can streamline your planning process, visualize your project like never before, and make informed decisions with confidence. Say goodbye to data silos and complex mapping tools—say hello to a new era of project planning excellence. Try Pivvot Aware today and experience the difference for yourself! 

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