Pivvot celebrates successful first year of providing location data and analytics solutions to the energy and transportation industries. 

Kansas City, MO. (August 26, 2019) - Pivvot, a leading SaaS provider of location data and analytics solutions, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary milestone. Pivvot was launched in July of 2018 to bring innovative and disruptive technologies to the energy and transportation industries, under the ownership of New Mountain Capital, LLC.  The company successfully launched with a progressive SaaS offering that challenges the status quo of traditional data management, geographic information systems, and business intelligence applications.

“We have created a unique, open-source offering for industries that are inundated with on-premise antiquated tools; and hungry for innovation,” says John Utley, Chief Technology Officer at Pivvot. “Our investors at New Mountain Capital saw the potential in us to modernize the energy and transportation industries, and we’re experiencing immediate success.”

Since its launch, Pivvot has worked with clients in energy and transportation including oil and gas pipeline, electric transmission, and rail sectors. It offers a cloud-based collaboration portal, Integra Link, that integrates disparate location data with existing asset information to deliver simple, fast and familiar mapping and reporting.  Leveraging open-source technology, Google maps, and Amazon Web Services, Integra Link provides access to a custom location database, compiled from the hundreds of data sources, and analysis applications that empower organizations to add situational context to location data, navigate regulatory compliance and reduce operational risk.

“In the last year, our products have rapidly matured to meet demands of the energy and transportation industries, which are driven primarily by ever-changing federal regulations,” says Kent Strasser, Vice President of Business Development & Product Strategy at Pivvot. “We’re answering the call to provide critical data in a consumable format, so asset owners and operators have the information necessary to stay in regulatory compliance as well as mitigate risk. We have done this by automating the analysis process that turns data into information, informing capital and operational business decisions.”