Pivvot™ Joins INGAA Foundation to Support Safety and Efficiency Research

Pivvot™ is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation. The Foundation's primary activity is to sponsor research aimed at promoting natural gas use and safe, efficient pipeline construction and operation. Pivvot is excited to be a part of a forward-thinking organization committed to understanding how operators and service providers can be safer and more efficient.

“Joining INGAA is a critical step for our company,” says Dan Kieny, President of Pivvot. “Our software is aimed at minimizing risks, optimizing efficiencies, and ensuring safety as organizations design, engineer, build and operate new and aging assets. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with operators and service providers on research that so closely aligns with our culture of safety and our forward-thinking values.”

Pivvot’s platform has helped operators and engineering firms conceptualize low-impact, cost-effective and defendable design and helped operators meet regulatory minimums around TVC.  While the majority of software in the natural gas transmission and distribution space is desktop-dependent, siloed, and cumbersome, Pivvot offers a cloud-based platform that fosters collaboration between operators, engineers and service providers and encourages transparency on and off the right-of-way.

“We’re eager to work with operators and engineering/construction firms that are ready to break the mold for the betterment of the energy industry,” says Monique Roberts, Director of Sales at Pivvot. “Today, only 30% of new construction projects in the energy sector are completed on or under budget, and only 15% are completed on time. Our solution is only a piece of the puzzle – we need partners, such as members of the INGAA Foundation, who are ready for a drastic shift in energy to gain improved workflows, transparent project management, and major efficiencies.”

To learn more about Pivvot, click here. To learn more about the INGAA Foundation, click here.