Pivvot Set to Re-Imagine and Simplify Data Management for Critical Infrastructure Asset Companies

Kansas City, MO. (July 18, 2018) – Pivvot, a software company delivering intelligent asset management systems to infrastructure industries, launched today with the backing of New Mountain Capital, LLC. Pivvot has created a new data-driven platform for infrastructure asset companies to reduce operational spend, optimize capital investments, and better mitigate risk.

Pivvot offers a cloud-based platform that securely connects people, information, and systems to critical infrastructure assets and the world around them. Leveraging an open-source approach to data integration, Google maps, and Amazon Web Services, Pivvot offers a unique approach for intelligent asset management, data integration for operational maintenance, and reporting to meet regulatory requirements.

“We are launching Pivvot to provide a robust and comprehensive platform to our clients that will drastically improve their operational efficiencies, risk profiles and capital investments. We offer a new data-driven platform for critical infrastructure asset companies and the engineering and construction ecosystem that supports them,” says, Dan Kieny, Pivvot President. Pivvot’s platform provides a curated database from over 900 public and private sources with 21+ terabytes of data allowing operators and engineers to better understand and manage environmental and socio-economic factors surrounding their assets and proposed construction or maintenance projects. Built on a Google API, its fast, familiar, and secure user interface allows anyone from field crews to board members to view and interact with the data.

The Pivvot platform serves several markets including oil and gas, electric transmission and utilities, transportation, and telecommunications, as well as the engineering and construction industry. “We are coming into the market at a time when infrastructure companies need solutions to better manage long-term operational spend, operating risk, and to make better informed investment priorities,” says Kieny.

Pivvot is backed by New Mountain Capital, a growth-oriented investment firm with extensive experience in information services and software as well as the infrastructure services sector. “The Pivvot solution supports the infrastructure investments critical to the future of our economy,” said Lars Johansson, a Managing Director at New Mountain Capital. “With visual insight and strong data analysis, Pivvot enables owner/operators and engineering firms to accelerate their growth, maximize their margins, optimize asset reliability, and better communicate to ensure public safety.”

Pivvot’s platform allows owner/operators and engineering companies to better manage the enormous amount of data produced during construction and maintenance projects as well as monitor assets after they are built for asset integrity, public awareness, and environmental protection. Pivvot’s platform is in use by hundreds of companies and thousands of users.