Kansas City, MO. (October 13, 2020) - Pivvot, the leading provider of location data and analytic solutions in the energy industry, and RealX, America’s first and largest online property rights exchange, have agreed to a partnership that will expedite solar and wind development land acquisition. The turnkey solution allows solar developers to identify, assess, and acquire property parcels faster and more efficiently than any site assessment software currently on the market.

“Pivvot customers leverage our technology to streamline siting, suitability analysis and permitting of distributed energy and renewables sites,” says Brian Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer for Pivvot. “Our customers identify and evaluate sites from a constructibility, environmental, and suitability perspective. With RealX, our clients now have a direct link to the availability of a property and leasing information for the land. This partnership will allow our customers to save weeks off of their current land rights acquisition time.”

The partnership comes at a time when solar energy in the United States is booming. Thanks to the solar Investment Tax Credit and increasing demand for public and private clean electricity, solar development is seeing a significant growth rate of 49%. “It’s a race to procure and develop land for solar projects right now. Developers need immediate answers to landowner, leasing, and acquisition solutions,” said Jeremy Jarrell, Chief Innovation Officer at RealX. Across the country, states are seeing growth in residential solar, community solar, corporate procurement and large utility-scale procurement.

The Pivvot and RealX partnership provides solar and wind developers with a seamless path from suitability analysis to property acquisition. “The Pivvot integration allows developers to move easily between evaluating suitability and environmental impact to transacting parcels ready for development on our property rights exchange,” says Jarrell. “They can quickly see what parcels are available for immediate lease in the area of interest or connect directly with the owners of parcels not yet listed for lease. Our integration expedites the acquisition process for the most desirable parcels and increases speed to market.”

Renewable and commercial developers can sign up to start using the turnkey solution immediately. To learn more or to request a demo, visit pivvot.com.


About Pivvot (pivvot.com)

Pivvot provides location data and analytic software-as-a-service solutions. We streamline siting, suitability and permitting with actionable, accurate data and a modern approach to location intelligence. Our data and analytic tools empower organizations in energy and transportation to navigate regulatory compliance and reduce operational risk. Learn more at www.pivvot.com.

About RealX (www.realx.io)

RealX, America's first and largest property rights online exchange, is revolutionizing the way surface and subsurface property rights are bought, sold, and leased. By leveraging digitization, globalization, and virtualization across all marketplaces, RealX unlocks the value of every property, empowering landowners and energy companies to maximize the return on their investment. Through organizing and modernizing a highly-fragmented marketplace, RealX more easily connects landowners and companies in energy (solar/wind/oil/gas), communications (cellular towers), building materials (timber), agriculture (farming) and many others.