Release Update: February 25, 2021

The latest release of Pivvot is available. Please don't hesitate to reach out to request training, make enhancement requests, or to better understand our platform. You can always reach us at


Software Enhancements

Introducing Pivvot Siting

Pivvot now offers a siting module to help you identify and evaluate suitable sites for new projects. 

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Visualize Data in Seconds
  • Set project criteria to identify sites by acreage and proximity to existing infrastructure
  • Download comprehensive reports to evaluate the environmental, geotechnical, socio-economic, and topographic characteristics of a site
  • Quickly identify adjacent, single landowner opportunities with Pivvot’s unique Smart Parcels
  • Leverage Pivvot’s library of nationwide on-demand layers to perform preliminary site reviews
  • Upload, integrate and visualize custom datasets in your siting project
Evaluate Usable Acreage
  • Set constraints to calculate usable area
  • Configure setbacks for common constraints, such as energy and transportation infrastructure, environmental and topographic features, and buildings
  • Compare usable acreage to identify the best sites
Download & Share
  • In seconds, generate site reports providing objective metrics to support the preliminary desktop review
  • Download Federal permitting matrix to assess potential issues
  • Share projects with other stakeholders to evaluate sites from multiple perspectives

Pivvot hosted an introductory webinar that reviews siting functionality. Watch it anytime or request your own private demo