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A new renewable energy developer, Redeux Energy, came to Pivvot for help in prospecting for greenfield utility-scale solar sites. As a startup, Redeux needed a fast and accurate way to find and evaluate potential sites. In a highly competitive market, they needed to reach landowners before other developers to secure leaseholds and move projects into development.


As a startup with limited time and resources, they needed to quickly evaluate sites holistically. Redeux Energy successfully implemented Pivvot's siting solution in its company's infancy and immediately saw benefit. They leveraged the Pivvot solution to identify and evaluate sites across the United States and expedite their landowner outreach strategy.

With Pivvot, Redeux was able to enter a competitive market and quickly gain traction with landowners.


“Pivvot allowed us to launch our company in a competitive market by significantly expediting our site prospecting process. With Pivvot, we were able to identify our sites quickly and with great confidence in data accuracy. With accurate landowner contact information, we secured our leases for future projects.” - Chris Noonan, Redeux Energy

Redeux Energy entered the utility-scale solar development market at a highly competitive time. They needed to identify potential sites for their projects and needed to holistically assess those sites with limited time and resources.

Redeux engaged Pivvot and subscribed to its siting solution soon after its launch. They were quick to adopt the intuitive platform and were able to start prospecting for sites immediately.

Upon identifying potential sites, Redeux was able to analyze usable area and better understand wetlands, infrastructure, FEMA floodplains, and other constraints. Armed with usable area calculations, they were able to weed out less than desirable sites and focus only on those with the greatest development potential. They then used Pivvot's landowner contact information to reach out to property owners and secure leases in their area of interest.

Pivvot helped Redeux launch into an extremely competitive market and secure leases thanks to its highly accurate data and its intuitive, fast, and smart siting solution.

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