Release Update: March 11, 2021

The latest release of Pivvot is available. Please don't hesitate to reach out to request training, make enhancement requests, or to better understand our platform. You can always reach us at


Software Enhancements


1. Pivvot Reporting (aka Aware-style reporting) is now available in Siting

For those that are familiar with our Aware reports, we have now included the same reports in our Siting application. Now you will have the full picture of the Environmental, Geotechnical, Socio-Economic, and Land Ownership impacts on each of your sites. We’ve also grouped the results based on what occurs in the Usable versus the Constrained Areas. 

2. Search by Owner Name

You can now further refine your search based on a specific land owner.

3. Improved User Experience

Have you found yourself saying, “Dang-it! The search results panel is covering the constraint panel?” Me too!!

The Siting Criteria and Constraint Criteria experience is now available in a collapsible panel along the left side of the map.  Just click on the dark blue border to expand and collapse the panel.

4. Parcel Reports

You can now generate Parcel Reports from Project Sites.


In addition, Pivvot has added the following Constraint Criteria:

  • Airports
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Oil and Gas Wells
  • Powerlines