Pivvot Data Expert, John Salva, Manages Complex Data and Ensures Quality for Energy Clients

John SalvaPivvot is proud to announce that John Salva, Data Architect, is now an FME Certified Professional! John builds the data structures that hold and manage complex data necessary for energy project siting, suitability and permitting. In this critical role, he partners with clients and the Pivvot software development team to find efficient ways to access data. His work allows our clients to process millions of records in seconds and scale as needed.

John ensures data quality by following rigorous accuracy checks and developing best practices. As a part of our data integrity program, Pivvot implemented FME to streamline managing large, complex data sets and to provide added accuracy and quality controls.  With certifications in database modeling, warehousing and administration, the FME certification is the latest addition to his arsenal of data tools and expertise.

FME certification is offered through Safe Software as a free, but challenging, program. FME Certified Professionals must demonstrate a deep understanding and expert use of the FME platform. John completed the certification to support Pivvot's data management strategy, allow Pivvot software to scale with our clients' infrastructure projects, and provide expert data acquisition, preparation and delivery services.

Congratulations on your achievement, John!

Follow John on LinkedIn. To learn more about Pivvot Data Services, visit us at pivvot.com.