The Shockingly Fast World of Electric Transmission Line Routing with Pivvot

Planning and routing transmission lines may not sound exciting but trust us - it's crucial for a stable power grid. Choosing a route involves weighing factors like cost, schedule, and risk while trying to find the fastest way to market. Routing a transmission line is both subjective and objective, and depending upon its location, it can be controversial.

That's where Pivvot comes in. Our platform provides instant access to all the initial data needed to get you generating multiple routes based on your preferences and data-driven criteria. Plus, with Pivvot’s reporting and analytics, you can evaluate and compare the risks and opportunities of each suggested route.

Don't believe us? Check out this 90-second video that shows how Pivvot's Route can make your transmission line routing process a breeze!



Powering Up: 

Navigating the MISO Long-Range Transmission Planning Tranche 1 Portfolio

In July 2022, MISO gave the green light to 18 transmission projects in the Midwest Subregion, aka the Tranche 1 Long Range Transmission Planning portfolio (LRTP). It's a massive project that would usually take days or even weeks to review. But we couldn't resist putting Pivvot to the test! With Pivvot Route, we breezed through the LRTP portfolio, which spanned four states with their own unique challenges in just a few hours.

Pivvot Route helped us identify potential project objectives and collect the data we needed to support various disciplines like environmental & regulatory, land, engineering & construction, and commercial. We conducted the routing analysis based on general transmission criteria and quickly established the conceptual routing for Tranche 1. We were able to crunch project calculations in minutes, and Tranche 1 was routed, and reporting was ready in just one workday!

So, what did Pivvot's routing analysis show? Tranche 1 covers roughly 368 miles of total transmission line, crosses 40 rivers, and has 10 tracts with federal or state easements near the transmission routing. We made sure to prioritize co-locating with existing transmission lines and factored in environmental, engineering, and land considerations. Oh, and preliminary determinations found that nearly 22% of Tranche 1 required tree clearing, and 67% crossed prime farmland. Yikes!



Revolutionize Your Transmission Line Routing with Pivvot

Pivvot Route is like a secret weapon that gives you a huge advantage in terms of speed to market, plus it dishes out the details you need for accurate preliminary cost estimates and preliminary project schedules.

Want to see it in action? Schedule a chat with our team of experts, and we'll show you how Pivvot Route can give your specific project a major boost.