With investment in clean energy booming, large utilities are adding capacity to their existing transmission lines, building new substations, and routing new lines. Whether you're building new or upgrading existing infrastructure, the environment surrounding your asset or area of interest can pose significant financial and regulatory risk. 

At Pivvot, we've developed purpose-built solutions to expedite transmission routing, streamline facility siting, and analyze permitting requirements. Our solutions are built on decades of experience and a LOT of data.

Our database is a comprehensive repository of environmental, parcel, hydrology, geotechnical, and jurisdiction data that you need to effectively plan your project. As we've analyzed countless miles of transmission lines and locations for substations, we've come up with the top data you need for each of these projects. 

But we didn't stop at one list... with various departments and contractors involved in large-scale projects, we've broken the list down by key roles. Click below to download our infographics to understand the top data you need based on what you're building, and what your role is.

Top Data for Power Transmission Projects

If you're routing new corridors or re-routing existing infrastructure, we've compiled the colocation, land ownership, environmental, and permitting data you need to have handy. Don't have this data? Contact Us

Electric Trans. - Land_ROW

Electric Trans. - Environmental

Electric Trans. - Project Management (1)

Top Data for Substation Siting 

If you're building a new substation, we've compiled the species habitat, land ownership, existing infrastructure, and permitting data you need to have handy. Don't have this data? Contact Us.

Substation. - Environmental (1)


Substation - Project Management


Substation - Land_ROW


Pivvot has curated hundreds of data sets into a single repository, specifically curated for energy projects. You can explore and access land use, environmental, societal and more in our data library. Our data specialists have done the heavy lifting of curating millions of records together into a single repository, saving you valuable time and money. Learn more about the data we've curated by visiting our website.