Save 50% on Electric Transmission Line Routing Analysis

Power-DkBluePivvot Client: Large EPC

Industry: Power Transmission

Job Role: Right-of-Way Manager


Problem Statement: Identify Re-Routes for an Existing Corridor

A right-of-way manager at a large EPC was responsible for rerouting an existing electric transmission line. The original corridor ran through Federal lands and their client was required to relocate it. They need to quickly assess viable options to reroute the corridor off the Federal land.

Solution: Pivvot Routing

Using Pivvot’s routing module, the right-of-way manager was able digitize areas to avoid as well as criteria to include in the analysis. He did not have to reach out to each county or city to get data he needed to conduct the analysis as its included in the Pivvot database.

Pivvot's routing analysis software allows users to upload existing assets and generate point-to-point preferred routes to evaluate reroute options. Using a proprietary algorithm (image below), users are able to set tolerances for features, crossings and areas they wish to include or avoid in the analysis. Pivvot provides multiple, viable route options in a cloud-hosted portal so users can modify the routes, tweak the criteria, and adjust the objectives as needed. Additionally, Pivvot delivers detailed crossing and impact reports that can be used to support cost estimation, material lists, and land acquisition.



Results: Realize 50% Savings on the Project Schedule

The ROW manager generated multiple electric transmission line routes and was able to select the least-cost, minimal impact option in record time. With Pivvot, they’ve seen over 50% savings on project schedule time.

There's more to this story. To learn more about this use case watch our webinar where our client walks through his process before Pivvot and after using Pivvot to show exactly how they saved so much time. To request your own demo or to explore your use case, contact us!