Release Update: June 23, 2021

Over the last couple of months, we have released a lot of minor enhancements which are detailed bleow. Please don't hesitate to reach out to request training, make enhancement requests, or to better understand our platform. You can always reach us at


Software Enhancements

1. You can now export a Contact List.

  • We've added a new icon to the Project Sites tab which will generate a contact mailing list of all records in your Project Sites. 

2. You now have the ability to add Custom Constraints.

  • If there is a feature on the ground that is not represented in the Pivvot data, you can hand draw the feature. This feature will then be excluded from the Usable Area. 

3. We’ve added a New Constraint to Siting. 

  • We've added Site boundary setback to the usable area calculator. This will allow you to create a setback for the outer boundary of a site.

4. We've improved the Report and Data Package creation. 

  • You will now see two icons; one for Report creation and one for Data Package creation.
  • Also, and this is the really awesome part, we have indicators that display the status: CompletePending, and Requires updating.
  • The latter will display when "anything" has changed, for example when a site or usable area has been modified. 


5. Google Places and Lat/Long search are now available in Siting.

6. You now have the ability to upload sites. A couple of things to note...

  • Supported formats: KML/KMZ
  • The upload sites feature is available in the Project Sites section of the records panel.
  • Since an uploaded site can take any shape or size or span one, multiple, or parts of a tax map boundary Parcel Reports are not supported. The Parcel Report icon will be grayed out.

Data Enhancements

We've added the following data sets to the platform. Check out our recent data blog for details.

  • Hydric Soils
  • Interconnect Queues
  • High-Resolution Slope

New data is being added regularly... keep an eye out for an update on the next data release, which includes the following data.

  • Stream Gauges
  • Wind Turbine
  • Municipalities
  • Hail Events
  • Wind Events
  • Tornado Events


Visit our help center or contact our support team anytime to learn more!