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Location Data

Origin Story: Location with Context

Location with context: Reduce exposure, mitigate risk and ensure safer energy transmission with acces to location data...


Pivvot 2019: A Year of Growth

Pivvot provides lcoation data and anlytics to the energy and transportation sectors to reduce operational risk and...


Pivvot Partners with Audubon Companies

Pivvot is pleased to partner with Audubon Companies on oil and gas pipeline transmission projects.


Pivvot Leadership Appointed to Standards Leadership Council

Pivvot Data Director, Pete Veenstra, appointed to the Standard Leadership Council to improve data management best...


Pivvot Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Pivvot celebrates one year of providing location data and analytics to energy and transportation sector.


Pivvot Recognized by CIO Review

Pivvot recognized by CIO Review as promising energy tech solution providers.


Pivvot Releases Route!

Pivvot releases Route to generate point-to-point, least-cost transmission routes for power and pipeline sectors.


5 Steps for Optimal Pipeline Routing

5 steps to produce optimal, least-cost transmission pipeline routes using Pivvot's cloud-based software.


Pivvot + INGAA Foundation

Pivvot joins INGAA foundation to support safety and efficiency research.


Pivvot + AWS

Pivvot™ is now a Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network serving oil and gas, electric transmission, utilities,...